10 YD

This 1" wide cotton (acrylic) webbing may be used for belts, accessories, key-fobs, dog collars, and crafts. Available in roll lengths, 50 and 10 yards. Webbing is comprised of a 3-layer synthetic cotton (acrylic) canvas. Webbing thickness is 2.4 mm (.094").  

100% Cotton & Acrylic (synthetic cotton) 1 1/4 Inch Solid Webbing–10 Yard Mini Rolls available in a wide array of color choices 10 Yard Mini Roll Black & White Checkerboard 1.25" PolyPro  Acrylic (synthetic cotton) 1 1/4" Color Choices: 10 Yard Mini Rolls                         [...]

Glitter Webbing  in 1 1/4" Width is available in 10 & 50 yard rolls, and 12 Sparkly Delicious Colors. The cross threads give color & the glitter comes from colored foil warp. The backside of the webbing is plain/non-glitter. Perfect for belts, key-fobs, & anything else where you wish to add a little "Bling". Matching [...]

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