FAQ’s – Custom Printed Ribbon:


How many yards do I get when purchasing Custom Printed Ribbon?
Custom Printed Ribbon is sold by the yard only
Can I purchase Custom Printed Ribbon by the roll?
All custom printed ribbon is sold by the yard. It is not a stocked item and is printed when an order is placed.
Why is Custom Printed Ribbon on your site so expensive?
All custom printed ribbon is printed entirely by hand. The time required to print, and the materials used are expensive. All CPR is also printed on the highest grade grosgrain ribbon. This is important when durability is of concern. If you plan to make dog collars, key fobs, embellish fabrics, etc. then durability is something you need to take into consideration. Less expensive grosgrain will shred when sewn, and will shrink when washed. If your ribbon is sewn onto something and it is then washed, less expensive ribbon will shrink and pucker the fabric it is sewn on to. This will not happen with high quality grosgrain.
I found the same design somewhere else for a lot less money!
Rest assured, if you have found the ‘same’ design elsewhere, it was copied as I am the original designer. The ‘copied’ design will not be the same quality as images (particularly colors) become degraded when copied via the Internet. These copied designs are also being printed on inferior ribbon. The old adage applies here: “You get what you pay for”. If quality is not an issue for you, then the inferior & lower priced item is probably a good option for you.
When will I receive my Custom Printed Ribbon?
Printing and shipping is always performed ASAP however; shop policy is to allow 5 business days for ribbon to be printed, and shipped. Production loads vary each day, and certain times of the year are busier than others. Once your order ships, it is then entirely dependent on the USPS as to when delivery actually occurs. Contrary to popular belief, I have no control over the United States Postal Service and how they conduct their business.
Can I see an actual picture of the ribbon?
The designs print onto the ribbon exactly how the designs are shown. With nearly 1500+ designs and 15+ ribbon color choices per design, it is unfortunately impossible to print, photograph, edit, & upload each of these variations. Since 2009 no customer has ever claimed that their printed design didn’t look like the depiction of the design online.
Will the designs on your ribbon peel off or crack? I purchased handmade ribbon elsewhere, and there was a plastic like background that was unattractive. I made headbands for a sports team with handmade ribbon, and when the athletes wore the headbands, the ink of the ribbon design bled all over their faces! Will this happen with your ribbon?
The images will not fade, crack, peel off, or bleed. There is no plastic background. The ribbon can be ironed on directly with no ill effect to the sole plate of your iron. The ribbon can be washed, scrubbed, and placed into a dryer. The ribbon designs will not fade even if placed into a bleach solution.
Why is the shipping so high for only 5 yards of ribbon?
Nothing ships without delivery confirmation. The USPS only offers delivery confirmation for packages, and not 1st class envelopes. In addition, packages need to be a minimum of 3/4″ thick. Because of this restriction, additional packing materials have been purchased and inserted into minimum ribbon orders to address this restriction. Unfortunately, these additional packing materials increase the cost.
Do you offer wholesale/bulk discounts?
The time and cost associated with printing each yard of ribbon is the same regardless of the quantity ordered. There are however discounts applied automatically when certain threshold levels have been met. There is a 6% discount for purchases of CPR of $35+, and a 10% discount for purchases of CPR of $65+. These discounts are applied automatically in your cart. No coupon code is necessary.
What are the requirements for custom printed ribbon using my design requirements?
Custom printed ribbon using your design(s) requires a minimum 1st time purchase of 10 yards PER DESIGN. Price is still the same per yard ($3.75/yard Regular Grosgrain & $3.85/yard Glitter Grosgrain). Currently, you will need to contact me via the contact form or via email to request custom designs. In the future, this will become available directly via the website.